1. Happy Halloween! (at | Batcave |)

  2. Just a few more Halloween decorations. (at | Batcave |)

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    This is incredibly adorable

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  4. Tiger in a vampire cape. Wooo, Halloween! (at | Batcave |)

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    I have a headcanon that Clark and Diana and the other Justice Leaguers do this a lot. Especially when Halloween approaches. And when they’re right behind Batman and he’s talking about serious stuff.

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  6. I was a mime for #Halloween once. #throwbackthursday 2007.

  7. Best #Halloween treat jar ever. Now to fill it with sweetness. (at | Batcave |)

  8. #Halloween candles. Almost too cute to light up. (at | Batcave |)

  9. Sneak preview of my #Batman #Halloween decor. (at | Batcave |)

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    This project can be finished in 5 minutes and is one that always draws comments. (from here)


    - glass jar (pint size mason jars work great for a dental Xray)

    - one X ray or part of an Xray ( My oral surgeon gave me this one from my file at no charge but sometimes you might have to pay a little for a copy but I think it would be worth it!)

    - Cut the X ray to fit the jar. Wrap it around and tape it together on the back. Then just light the candle and you have an instant and very funny candle holder

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    [10 Movies to Halloween Season] - 06: The Shining

    I’m celebrating Halloween with “The Shining” and cheeseburgers. 

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  14. I’d rather be…

    Prepping for Halloween than a wedding. Even my own wedding.


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    “What kind of story would you like me to tell you?”

    I was on the phone on Friday afternoon, in the car on the way to the airport, with the folk from Audible.com. They had the idea of doing something really, really fun for Hallowe’en, as an All Hallows Read celebration, something from Audible…