1. I just realized our first wedding anniversary is in a month. Is it too early to say I’m happily married? Frankly, it’s still weird to even call him my husband.

    Here we are enjoying a rare trip to LA together.

  2. How I feel most days I leave my apartment.

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  3. GPOY, now that I’m done with grad school. WHAT.

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  5. GPO husband and I.

  6. So this happened today. The fog rolled in FAST.

  7. rubato:

    i dont think anyone understands

    he pressed the button and took multiple pictures of himself


    oh my gooood I’m laughing so hard hahahahahahah

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  8. Got my hair chopped yesterday at Solid Gold Salon. They insisted on taking a photo afterward, saying they loved how the cut turned out. The photog was all, “Be sassy!” This is my sassy. I don’t even know what that means. This is now sitting pretty on their FB page and I feel all kinds of awkward. But at least my hair looks nice.

  9. Quick photo of the new spectacles. A little more flashy than I normally wear, but they were too pretty to ignore. They’re by Lafont. This is the Gilda in color 367.

    I love glasses. I probably have six or seven pairs at this point, not including sunnies.

  10. I wanted to make a fort out of my new armchair’s box. The gigantic box made me feel sooo tiny, which I’m definitely not at 5’7” tall.

  11. Blargh.

  12. This is why my boyfriend is better than your significant other. I CAME HOME TO A GIANT ROLL OF BUBBLE WRAP.

    Oh, the possibilities!

  13. My last trip home left me strangely homesick. I’m homesick after living away for three and a half years!

    From left to right: Cousin Chris, my not-so-little-brother Nathan, baby Aiyanna and myself.

  14. HAIRCUT.

    So it wasn’t that drastic, but it was more than enough to donate. And my head feels so much lighter. An amazing feeling.

    No more getting my hair caught in the car door. Or using it as a whip. Or accidentally whipping strangers in the face when they get too close to me as a BART train approaches. 

  15. Hello, Hump Day! 

    And say goodbye to my hair. Well, at least half of it. I need to cut it before I leave for hot and humid New York next Friday. It’s been two years since I last cut my hair.